Tuesday, August 20, 2013


In a burst of authenticity and not knowing where to put all the stuff, Anika recently decided to destroy any painting of hers that she would not like to see on display attributed to her in the far flung future when she's dead and, possibly, famous.  Here was one that was being consideried for that fate, her first version of an Almond Tree (Van Gogh loved to paint almond trees and produced them in an array of colorful backgrounds)...

It was recycle day on our street and our neighbor, Jan Roy, a life-long artist whose work is widely known and recognized, offered Anika a frame that she had had for years and decided that she was never going to use.  It was a lovely frame.  The price was right so she accepted the offer and put it into her collection of unused frames.

Back to pondering the fate of the Almond Tree painting.   Would it or would it not go into the show at the Art Association that Anika was preparing to hang in a couple of days?   Suddenly, the idea of reframing the painting in the new frame sprung into being.  It became obvious that this would require some cropping and restretching.   The result gave new life to the painting and Anika loved it.  When it as displayed at the Art Association, it was among the first items in the show to sell.  Yeah!  It has found a home with someone else who loves it.  And, yes, Anika's future artistic credentials remain potentially in tact.  A real Cinderella story.

Please visit Anika's website for a full exploration of her work.


Unknown said...

I wonder ... the unframed work seems more "organic" than the framed work. Why do we still put art into a linearlly framed cage when we display it ... why no break the rules for how mats are cut when art is framed? And as for the "love it or lose it" question, a "first of" work is not something to discard, IMHO. Where would the bidding start?

anikasavage.com said...

Thanks for your comments. The photos probably don't represent my first hand impressions as dramatically as I felt them. I do agree in breaking the mold (i.e. frames) - sometimes. Often, a frame is like a party dress - ready to go out there and show off a bit. The "bidding" begins at www.anikasavage.com.