Monday, August 13, 2012

MBODLG hosts Art of the Future

Applying Structural Dynamics
 to Strategic Issues Facing Organizations

Color divider bar You are invited to be there as Art of the Future kicks off the 2012-2013 season of the  Massachusetts Bay Organization Development Learning Group [MBODLG] with an interactive event on September 20, 2012. 
Art of the Future will demonstrate a framework which leaders -- at any level and in any setting -- can use to explore their thinking about the big picture issues facing their organizations.  As you know, the future is a large, complicated, exhilarating and, sometimes, scary place!  To face the future with confidence organizations need to apply both logic and insight to strategy development.  We will be using climate change and its consequences to illustrate the Structural Dynamics approach.   

Within leadership teams addressing issues critical to their future (such as climate change) there is, inevitably, a range of views, opinions, insight and depth of knowledge.  This divergence often results in either polarization or avoidance.  Structural Dynamics engages these differing points of view to explore a wide range of plausible future scenarios.  The strategies that emerge are robust in any of these scenarios.  Rather than paralysis and denial, the result is the ability of organizations to move confidently into their future.

Participants in the session at Mass Bay Organization Development Learning Group session will:
  • Explore their own thinking on a complex issue
  • Experience a powerful strategic framework to develop a comprehensive set of scenarios
  • Use this framework to facilitate collaborative, non-polarizing strategic conversations that lead to robust decisions on large, complex issues.
Please join us on September 20 for a session designed to stretch your thinking and expand your capacity to lead dialogues on complex issues shaping an organization's future.
The MBODLG is a community of Organizational Development professionals, that keeps it members informed of industry trends and supports their overall professional development and growth.  MBODLG's welcomes non-members to their events.  The atmosphere allows for great learning opportunities among entry-level professionals, mid-level practitioners, senior executives, coaches, trainers, academics and related disciplines.  MBODLG promotes the idea that conversation breeds increased knowledge and everyone has something unique to bring to the table.  This workshop will certainly demonstrate that philosophy! 

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